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Collectors Bridge

Collectors Bridge is a global project founded in 2014 by a team of four entrepreneurs with significant experience in the fields of computer science and digital marketing.

As collectors, we found a real need when we searched online for a platform where to share our collections and could not find any good solution. Collectors have the need to showcase their treasures in an easy and social way. Such networking aims also at increasing the trading of collectables, helping us to complete our collections.

Common social networks allow you to share information but it becomes real hard to retrieve it and reuse it in the future. On the other hand, trading platforms allow you to buy and sell stuff but, not being specialized, require enormous amounts of time to identify honest and relevant deals. We live in an area of information overload! Specialization is key to address that and to bring back “passion” to the collecting game. After all passion is what collecting is all about!

Being familiar and native to the online digital world, having no satisfactory way of sharing online our collections, we identified then the opportunity to create a collectors platform, to allow the effective management of our collections online – and of all other millions worldwide who, like us, are passionate about collecting or fans of certain objects and brands.

To validate our business plan and to further finance our company, we identified an entrepreneurship competition and, guess what - we won it! - so, here we are.

Thank you to all of those who have been supportive and helping us to move with this dream!

Garrett McNamara

McNamara was born on August 10, 1967 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts and spent part of his childhood in Berkeley, California.

In Berkeley, McNamara, and his younger brother Liam McNamara, were both known by friends to be rather fearless and to shrug off the pains of rough childhood play, foreshadowing his later ability to face danger while surfing.[2] McNamara moved to the North Shore of Hawaii in 1978. At eleven years old, McNamara followed his younger brother's footsteps and began surfing at Sunset, Waimea and the outer reefs in search of giant swells. He entered and placed in the prestigious Hawaiian Triple Crown Series at seventeen and began to gain major sponsors from major Japanese brands. For the next ten years both brothers joined the competition circuit, traveling and becoming fluent in Japanese.

Tow surfing caught on amongst the surfing community in the early 1990s and McNamara was one of the first to join in on the rush. Boats and personal water craft enabled surfers to chase down and catch giant waves that were thought impossible, beyond the bounds of surfers paddling with their bare hands. McNamara welcomed and craved the challenge to find the biggest waves in the world, which would instantly become his dream and mission in life.

MARIA Riding Company

Maria Riding Company is The Essence of Fun.
No Time. No Territory. Just an atitude inspired in the past and dressed to impress.

Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira nasceu em 1981. Apresenta, desde 2009, o programa «Alta Definição», na SIC, estação onde, em 2011, assumiu as funções de subdirector de gestão e desenvolvimento de conteúdos. Entre 1997 e 1999 foi assistente de produção, produtor editorial e jornalista. Em 2000 integrou a equipa fundadora da SIC Notícias. É autor, entre outros, do programa de entretenimento mais premiado internacionalmente na história da televisão portuguesa - «Os Incríveis».
Em 2013, foi considerado pelo semanário Expresso um dos 100 portugueses mais influentes. Aos 14 anos, sagrou-se campeão nacional de xadrez. Tem cinco livros publicados. A Persistência da Memória é o seu primeiro romance.

Delta Cafés

Delta Cafés é uma marca e empresa portuguesa de torra e empacotamento de café com sede em Campo Maior, Alentejo.

Foi fundada em 1961 e está entre os líderes de mercado na Península Ibérica. A empresa faz parte do Grupo Nabeiro.


CTT - Correios de Portugal, S.A. (conhecidos normalmente pela sigla CTT significando Correios, Telégrafos e Telefones).


Compal, designação para Companhia de Conservas Alimentares, SA, é uma empresa portuguesa do ramo alimentar, criada em 1952, em Almeirim.

Inicialmente dedicada ao fabrico de conserva de tomate, ao longo dos anos a Compal diversificou o seu principal ramo de negócio, passando a fabricar sumos de fruta, néctares e refrigerantes, vegetais em conserva e, mais recentemente, águas gaseificadas (2005).

No ano de 1998, seguindo uma estratégia de internacionalização, a Compal entrou no mercado espanhol de sumos, e bebidas à base de sumos. Actualmente, exporta para 39 países, abrangendo os mercados da Europa, África e Estados Unidos.